The Original Designers Workbook has been created with designers, illustrators, architects, artists and other creative professionals in mind.

It has been designed to give basic structure to note taking during a creatives’ day and beyond.

If used to it’s strengths, the Original Designers Workbook will enable individuals and companies to ensure a clearer note-based paper trail, allowing information to be retrieved quickly, and efficiently, in the absence of the workbooks authour.

The ODW is an A4 spiral bound book containing 200 pages of high quality 100% recycled grid paper, with 5 coloured covers: Pantone® 2995, 345, 433, 485 and 811.

NOTE: We have now sold out of
Black [PMS 433]
Blue [PMS 433] and
Silver [PMS 811] .



The Original Designers Workbook is only available from OUR OWN ONLINE STORE.


Original Designers Workbook App

We are keen to speak to any iOS and Android developers who would like to partner with us to bring the Workbooks into the digital realm. We've done all the scoping, planning and designs, we just need someone who wants to share in the project, if you’re interested please contact us at Graphic Clinic.

Workbook silver